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Recording Video

  • I am told that to record video using the MSVC2013 compiler, all I need to do is tell Qt where the Codecs are. This is my first experience writing a program that records video. I don't know where to locate the codecs to tell Qt where to find them. Also, will I be able to draw in the individual frames as the come available?

    I did attempt to use OpenCV instead and was recording video, then all of a sudden my program started to crash as soon as I attempted to attach to the Video Capture device. The actual camera is a camcorder attached to a video capture card on the computer. I understand OpenCV does not work well with Video Capture devices.

    I really don't care what path I take to get this done, but I really need to start recording video again. Any suggestions would be helpful, especially if they have links to explain how to use the method.

    BTW, sound has to be recorded as well in the wmv file.

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    Did you try QMediaRecorder ?

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