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How to adapt the size of QWebView to its contents

  • This is pyqt5 code, but it doesn't make much difference with its C++ version. You could also post C++ version here If you like. HtmlEditor should display only a line at first, with the height just enough to hold a line, not bigger, not smaller. As the user inputs more lines, the height of HtmlEditor will get bigger too. I tried to use as follows, it didn't work. I tried to replace with self.fontSize + self.contentsMargins().top() + self.contentsMargins().bottom(). But self.contentsMargins().top() and self.contentsMargins().bottom() are always zero. I don't know why. How to do the trick?

    class HtmlEditor(QWebView):
        def __init__(self, fontSize):
            self.fontSize = fontSize
        def setupFont(self):
            self.htmlEditorSettings = self.settings()
            self.htmlEditorSettings.setFontSize(QWebSettings.DefaultFontSize, self.fontSize)
        def sizeChange(self):
            docHeight =

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