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Problem with camera

  • I'm trying to get a camera properties e.g contrast, saturation. I'm having some problems using QCamera and QCameraImageProcessing. The fuction of isAvailable() always returns false.How would I control these properties

        camera = new QCamera(cameraDevice);
        QCameraImageProcessing *imageProcessing = camera->imageProcessing();
        if (imageProcessing->isAvailable()) {

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    Depending on your OS/backend you won't necessarily have access to all properties. What version of Qt are you running ? On which platform ?

  • @SGaist I'm using Qt version 5.5 beta on windows7 and Mac OS. The camera device is ok because I test it on the other software.

    It seems to be not supported for camera very well?

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    IIRC, on Windows you have to use the DirectX backend to have the support for camera

  • Hi, if you need to do serious, advance image processing or some fun computer vision tricks, openCV3.0 may give you a hand(release on yesterday), this way you do not need to rely on the back end of the OS to help you denoise, white balance, inpainting, face recognition, text recognition and so on.

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