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Qt Creator and multiple page application

  • Good evening, gentlemen. I'm starting with the Qt Creator, and I'm one doubts that think it's simple. Most desktop and mobile applications consist of multiple screens. For example, a CRM, has a customer registration screen, another edit, another view, work order registration, printing, etc ... How to put this in mainwindow and switch between them? When you click the Register button on the client menu. I explain how to do, but only using dialog, but it is not what I need, I need you to be all in the same window.

    Follows the pattern:

    First page
    Second page

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  • @JKSH Thanks for answering me. I've been analyzing, you can place a "loading indicator" when switching the widget in QStackedWidget? because I want to get an API client data (eg, time to edit) and fill out a form with the data that has been entered in order to be edited.

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    Sure you can. One thing that you might use is a QProgressBar (with min and max at the same value so it's animated as in don't know how long it can take. Or you can use a gif in a QMovie object.