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  • I know it wont attract lots of fan but I have to try :)
    What if we incorporate such a project within Qt ?
    I come from Java world and tried to do some C++. Qt was the best stuff out there, better than Boost.
    But I still find missing stuff, so I wrote that project to fill the gaps between Java world and C++.
    What do you think ?
    If you are a C++ purist, you would like to kill me, but if you try to think differently you might like what I did ...

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean your project to be an alternative to JNI ?

  • No, not really. JNI does the bridge between the JVM/Java code and C++. So in the same process where you use JNI you have a JVM running and your C/C++ code.
    My project is developed using 100% C++ code and doesn't use any JNI code. The running process that will contain the code that I developed doesn't run any JVM and doesn't load any JDK class.
    For every Java class that you have withing the JDK I developed its equivalent in C++ using pure C++ library, and added the same features that you can find in JAVA : introspection, serialization, threading, ... and with the same API that you can find in Java.
    Hope it is clear

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    Hi, I can appreciate the obviously large amount of effort you put into this but what exactly is the purpose?

    If I understand correctly it basically allows to write Java (or rather Java-like) code in C++. As such the potential target group would be people migrating from Java to C++, but this transition usually takes a month or two after which the person either starts to love C++ for all the low level control it gives (like pointers) or hates its guts and grumpily goes back to Java.

    If you're just gonna write Java in C++... why not simply stay with Java?
    I don't see any sustainable value in it. Sorta like what C++/CLI tried to do with C++ and .Net and that didn't go so well.

    But don't get me wrong, I wish you well and might totally missed the point. It's late here ;)

  • Hi thank you for your reply.

    The target is quite the opposite that you are describing. Developers and projects that are using C++ in huge project like myself. I come from a Java world and have a huge project to do in C++. I agree with you that the language allow very powerful low level control, but I dont need that 99% of the time.
    With time I found that most of the Java open source projects are more readable than the rare ones in C++ (sorry for the fans and all people working to make it different).
    Plus in my case, I had the very famous issue about serialization cross language. It is a way to solve it. Of course there are lots of projects that try to solve the problem, but I found with this way I wont limit the objects that I use in Java or in C++

    If we have all our projects in Java, this project is useless.
    If we have all our projects in C++, it might be useful for the following:

    • we need to interact with Java objects via RPC for example. It is the best way without any limitations
    • we need rich open sources or features like the ones we have in Java

    Most of my experience was spent in company with huge legacy code developed in C++ that can't easily be redeveloped in Java.

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