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Unable to load custom widgets in UI file with QUiLoader

  • I'm trying to use QUiLoader to load a UI file that contains a custom widget resident in a path, which I have registered with QUiLoader as shown below. Yet QUiLoader is unable to find the my plugin.

    QUiLoader loader;
    loader.addPluginPath( "folder/containing/MySnazzyWidgetDll" );
    QStringList paths = loader.pluginPaths();  // returns path to plugin
    QStringList availableWidgets = loader.availableWidgets();
    if( availableWidgets.contains( "MySnazzyWidget" ) )
        QFile file( "File.ui" );
        file.open( QFile::ReadOnly );
        QWidget* widget = loader.load( &file );
        LOG_ERROR << "Unable to instantiate MySnazzyWidget";    // ALWAYS

    I'm not even sure what sort of plugin that's supposed to be loaded. A designer plugin or a widget plugin i.e. a widget class compiled as a DLL.

    Please advise.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I can't answer for the plugin part however "folder/containing/MySnazzyWidgetDll" is a relative path so are you sure that the plugin is searched ?

    On thing you can do to check that is to run your application with QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1

    Hope it helps

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