WebEngineView and navigator

  • Hi all,

    Inside WebEngineView I load an index.html and a JavaScript file.

    when using the navigator object inside 'index.html':

    • I code "window.navigator = window.navigator || ..."
    • then write "alert( window.navigator)" and it shows: [object Navigator], which means it's OK.
    • then I code "if (navigator.getUserMedia !== null ) {" and an alert which says 'getUserMedia' is supported because it is not null.
    • then I code "navigator.getUserMedia( { video:true, ..." and it does not do anything.
      => Does this mean that 'getUserMedia' does not work with an HTML5 document inside 'WebEngineView"? or what else?

    I'd greately appreciate anyone's help.

  • Hi all,

    after thirteen days waiting for a possible response, I finally arrive to several conclusions:

    • this is not a very communicative community
    • nobody has the knowledge to answer
    • the promised implementation is not yet done, that's why the silence, and nobody dares to state that

    thanks anyway for all of you having given a minute to view this.

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    QtWebEngine is a very new module and since this forum is community driven, it'll need some time to build the knowledge around it. You can also check the interest mailing list for help.

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