Several libraries with maemo5

  • hi

    I just wanted to compile a desktop project for a maemo5 device using the lates NokiaQtSdk on windows7.
    This project includes several libraries with dependencies on each other and an executable.
    No i started compiling the project. The first library compiled without any problems for maemo5. The second also compiled for maemo5 requires the first library as a dynamic link. So the linker was called after compiling the second and returned an error.

    I found out that the compiler generated 3 symlinks and 1 library of the first library.

    where the is the real library. The problem is, the linker wants to link with the what is simply a symlink. And since windows cant handle symlinks the linker returned and error (unknown file format).

    Is there any way to get it worked on Windows? (and i dont mean just rename the to in and automated built of both projects, that doesnt work)



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