[SOLVED] Add Kits

  • Hi.
    I'm trying to change the compiler to my project (Projects->Build&Run->Change Kit), but Min_gw is disabled. I have already installed it.

  • As I understand what you want is to change the compiler from MSVC to MinGW. You can simply add new Compilers by adding them over the Compilers tab (see the picture).


    Then you'll simply need to change the Compiler for your Kit by clicking onto the Kits Tab on your Kit and then select the compiler in the compiler combo box.

    ~ jan

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Unlike @jjan wrote, you can't just change MSVC for MinGW, they are not compatible one with the other, even more, you just can't mix compilers on Windows. Your software/libraries etc. must be compiled with the same compiler.

    So, what exactly are you trying to do currently ?

  • Thanks @SGaist. I could not select min_gw. I needed select my Qt Version:
    Tools->Options->Kit->Qt Version(select my Qt version)

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