Qt5.4.1, but "Bluetooth QML Ping Pong example" still does not work!

  • Hello!

    I'm trying to use the Qt 5.4.1 to create a connection between the two Android devices using bluetooth. ASUS_T00J android 4.4.2 and U30GT-H android 4.0.4. For example, I launched the "Bluetooth QML Ping Pong example", but it does not work.
    After the message "Service found. Setting parameters..." nothing happens, no data exchange. And so indefinitely.

    The feeling that is not processed:
    signal connect(socket, SIGNAL(connected()), this, SLOT(serverConnected()));

    System files are transferred, all right, mate there. Until then tried QTcpServer on these devices, everything works without problems.

    I decided to bring data:
    void Server::addService(const QBluetoothServiceInfo &service){

    //setMessage("Service found. Setting parameters...");
    qDebug() << "Service found. Setting parameters...";
    //! [Connecting the socket]
    socket = new QBluetoothSocket(QBluetoothServiceInfo::RfcommProtocol);
    qDebug() << service.serviceName();
    qDebug() << service.device().address().toString();
    qDebug() << service.serviceUuid();
    qDebug() << service.isComplete();
    qDebug() << socket->localAddress();
    qDebug() << socket->localName();
    qDebug() << socket->localPort();
    qDebug() << socket->peerAddress();
    qDebug() << socket->peerName();
    qDebug() << socket->peerPort();
    connect(socket, SIGNAL(connected()), this, SLOT(serverConnected()));
    connect(socket, SIGNAL(readyRead()), this, SLOT(readSocket()));
    connect(socket, SIGNAL(disconnected()), this, SLOT(serverDisconnected()));
    //! [Connecting the socket]
    m_serviceFound = true;


    Service found. Setting parameters...

    "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX" - This is client. All is well.

    "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX" - This is server. All is well.

    Service scan done

    Questions arise

    1. Why serviceName() is empry?
    2. What peerAddress() and why it empty? Returns the address of the peer device. This is client (ASUS_T00J)?

    And why this is example not working? And "Bluetoth Chat Server example" too.
    Somebody working examples with bluetooth?

  • I installed the Ubuntu 14.04, but does not turn on bluetooth.
    I installed the OpenSUSE and I was able to run btchat. http://doc.qt.digia.com/qtmobility/btchat.html
    Successfully connected to U30GT-H and produced messaging.

    But between android devices nothing works.

    And the example of "Bluetooth QML Ping Pong example" is also not works.

    Sorry for my english.