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Borderless Window on Mac OS X

  • Hello,
    As i am new to Qt 5.4 on Mac OS X.I have wondering how to achieve Borderless Window and customising Mac OS X Window with my Window.
    Code i used:
    setWindowFlags( Qt::FramelessWindowHint | Qt::CustomizeWindowHint);
    yeah it make my window customizable and hides "minimise","maximise","close" window.
    And i add my own customized "minimise","maximise","close" button.
    Also i used following code to achieve Mac functionality using following code:
    Minimise Window :


    Maximize window:

    if(window()->windowState() == Qt::WindowMaximized)
    Quit Window:


    Please can some one help me how to add minimise,maximise and close functionality in Mac OS X using Qt.As i think i need to write some code in objective C++.i tried that but its not compiling as well giving error for HIViewGetWindow undefined:

    ChangeWindowAttributes(HIViewGetWindow(HIViewRef(window()->winId())), kWindowSideTitlebarAttribute, 0);

  • Hello All,

    Please can some one reply to this my post as i am stuck in making customise window in Mac OS X how Steam Launcher has achieved on Mac OS X.Also Blizzard Battle.net has not achieved on Mac OS X , they haven't customised a window like that.