Installer can not find or write files

  • Hi,
    I' trying to install Qt with the new 2.0 installer on Windows. I keep on getting messages like this one:

    I tried both online and offline installer. Both always fail and each time with a different file. Hitting "retry" won't help and after a few minutes it stopps again with the same error.

  • Hi,
    I'm having a similar problem with the auto installer for Linux 64. The installer gets about half way and then stops with the error message:

    Error during installation process (qt.54.gcc_64):
    File '/qt/5.4/gcc_64/bin/qmake' does not exist or is not an executable binary.

    Checked the files and sure enough qmake is not executable by any user and only read write by root, I tried chmod but can't make the file executable. I don't really understand why its not working I have a working tool-chain and executing the run file as root.

    I haven’t tried building it from source yet, just hoping some one might know what’s happening?

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