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Notifications app for (Andriod ,ios ,windows phone)

  • so if possible can I ask you to advice me plz
    I try to build Notifications app for (Andriod ,ios ,windows phone) the functionality for my app is to receive the message from c++ program which work on server and so the my app must show the message recive from my server side for customer(as example) so can you advice me if QT power enough to do
    this task or what possible tools i need to do that because i do n't have enough experience in QT

    because i am confuse about the others platform like Windows phone and ios ,is it suitable those platform?
    for Windows phone there is a few documents so I'm worry about that ,
    thanks very much for your advice , your time and consideration.
    Thanks a lot
    Best regards

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    Hi @shadi,
    Did you check Qt Notifier example ? It is android specific.

  • @p3c0
    hi yes I checked it but i need also for ios and windows mobile ?
    i didn't find about the both ios and windows mobile

    I want to clarify some important details about the framework capabilities:

    What specific device functions are available? (a full list of supported features would be appreciated)
    Are push-notifications for iOS and windows mobile supported? Planned to be supported?
    Is it possible to save images and data on device's local storage between app launches (cache some data downloaded from Internet)?
    What API should I use for phone calls and SMS?

    the only thinf i found it is that Qt 5 can Push Notifications with V-Play’s Parse Push Plugin

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    @shadi Don't know if it is planned yet. But some one has already raised it here QTBUG-44804. May be you should request for Windows too.

  • Hi,
    you can use this Qt plugin for Push notifications.

    Here is some sample code:

    import QtQuick 2.1
    import VPlayPlugins.parse 1.0
    Parse {
      applicationId: "<PARSE-APP-ID>"
      clientKey: "<PARSE-CLIENT-ID>"
      onNotificationReceived: {
    	console.debug("Received new notification")

    And here is a push notification example on Github:

    Cheers, Chris

  • As feldifux suggest,
    It can be done by using !
    I m now reading it to understand how it works! @feldifux Could you give us minimal information about how you implement it with Qt ?

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