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Ideas about how one implements a newsfeed on Qt( Android /Ios)

  • Hello,
    I want to implement a newsfeed like this with Qt on android. The user can scroll around and click on a piece of news of interest....I am developing from a windows 7 machine targeting android and webView and webEngine both still have some trouble to work with android.

    1.Is there a way this can easily be implemented?I tried to use QTextbrowser but the html tags it supports are limited and it is hard to implement clickable links.

    2.Does Qt for ios suffer the same issues( webView and webEngine having trouble to work)

    Thank you for your time.

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    Hi @musimbate,
    First question which comes is which way you are going to implement it ? Qt Widget or QtQuick ? For the view like that you can use ListView with custom delegate (TextArea for HTML tags) and a QAbstractItemModel as the model.
    QtQuick's has advantage over QtWidgets in case of Android as it uses opengl indirectly. But ofcourse it will matter if you desire for smooth animations or scrolling or similar stuff.
    I have used QML's WebView on android and it works as expected (sure it has few features for now). Not tested on ios.

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    To add to @p3c0, the QtWebKit and QtWebEngine modules are not available either on iOS nor Android because of Apple/Google's restriction on these platform. However you have the option of the QtWebView module (linked by p3c0) which provides a native web view

  • Thanks for the replies p0c3 and SGaist,
    My app uses Qt Widgets (Sorry I didn't mention that) ,QML's WebView sounds great and I am trying it on android.Just curious if there is a plan for it to work on ios in the future.Looks like I have to implement something of my own on ios for the moment.I am thinking of using a QGraphicsView and add all the contents as QGraphicsItems.Is this a good way to approach this ?

    @SGaist : unfortunate thing QtWebView/QtWebEngine are not supported on these platforms.Is there a place I can learn about those specific restrictions?I know I should google this but a link or blogpost that has helped someone always saves time :-)

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    unfortunate thing QtWebView/QtWebEngine are not supported on these platforms.Is there a place I can learn about those specific restrictions?

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    QtWebView is supported on these platforms

  • Thanks @SGaist ,
    I have been encountering the problem described here ,but after your comment I searched more and read a comment on the Qt blog that

    **September 9, 2014 at 12:22
    Using Qt WebEngine on iOS is not possible due to limitations in the app store policy, so instead of focusing on porting the full web engine to mobile platforms, we have implemented a light-weight QML overlay which builds on top of the native web view and works cross-platform.

    This is called Qt Web View and currently has implementations for iOS and Android (with a fallback to Qt Web Engine on the platforms that support this). A tech preview will be released around the time of the Qt 5.4.0 release.**

    This is what you meant probably but I couldn't get my hands on the information clearing how to use that.Could you shed some more light on this?

    Thank you again for your time.

    Edit: I just stumbled on this repository .It builds on android and displays a nice webview .Hope this helps somebody someday.(It came from google )

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    The problem you're encountering is the same for QtWebKit/QtWebEngine. What I was referring to is the QtWebView module which is the "third player" for at least iOS and Android

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