qdateedit on android, popup issue

  • Hi,
    I created a widgets app on android and I have a QDateEdit widget that it doesn't popup when I run on android.

    Even more, I receive the following error:

    "QObject::connect: No such signal QDateEdit::cursorPositionChanged()"
    which I understand since QDateEdit class doesn't have such a signal.

    and this error
    "QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method QDateEdit::inputMethodQuery(Qt::InputMethodQuery,QVariant)"
    which I'm not sure where to start to correct it. I hope that correcting this issue, it will solve my popup problem.
    thanks for your comments.

  • I'm sorry I forgot to mention:
    OS: Win 7
    app kit tested: android for x86, android for armeabi-v7a

    When the app is deployed on desktop, the above errors are not received.

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