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Breakpoints within the framework code

  • Hi,
    is there any way one can set break points within the code of the qt framework itself from within qt creator?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    What platform are you running on ?

  • Win7 x64 using a VS2013 toolchain with a Qt library I've compiled myself.

    Do you need any more details?

  • @OldDeath
    Check under "tools"->"options"->"build&run" that the "Kits" and the "Debuggers" are correctly set up.
    Can you start the debugger with F5?

    You can use the debugger only when you have "debug" compilation. Release mode compilations it looks sometimes as you can debug, but it will not stop at breakpoints set with F9 or other possibilities.

    Note: I am using MiinGW on Win 7 64 bit, but assume it is the same with the VS tool chains.

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    If you built Qt yourself and didn't move the build dir or the source dir afterwards (important!) then you should already be able to debug into Qt sources.
    If not, then go to Tools->Options->debugger->General and in the "Source Path Mapping" section click "Add Qt sources" and add the Src directory of Qt there. Now you should be able to debug into Qt sources and set breakpoints in it like in your own code.

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    To add to my fellow and maybe a silly question but since you build Qt yourself did you do a debug_and_release build ?