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DelegateModel - Unknown component. (M300)

  • Hi there.

    Last week I have experimented with C++ and qml. Now I am working on something that needs a DelegateModel. Although the project compiles without any problem and the project seems to be running as expected, in the code editor of QtCreator DelegateModel is not recognized. In my .pro file I have added QT += qml quick and my .qml file starts with:

    import QtQuick 2.0
    import QtQml.Models 2.1
    import QtQuick.Controls 1.2

    For some reason auto completion does not work when I add import QtQml.Models 2.1. So I presume the code editor does not recognize the QtQml module.

    Anyone any ideas how to fix this?
    I am using Qt5.4.1 with QtCreator 3.4.0 on Debian.


    A workaround for the example I am trying to build is to use VisualDataModel.
    But the question of course remains, why doesn't the code editor in QtCreator recognize the QtQml module?

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    Hi @Jan-Willem,
    Well it seems to be like a known bug. See QTCREATORBUG-13509.

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