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Qt push notification doesnt work in background

  • I use Qt push notification , but when i close my app push notification doesn't work ??
    if exist any way in c++ to call qml in background ?

  • @Buleron Can you explain a little bit more which push notifications you are using and on which platform? As of now there is no built-in support for native push notifications for iOS and Android afaik.

  • @alexvplay

    i use Qt notifier at Qt examples , Im using notificationClient on load main.qml calling from mainWindows.cpp
    as schedule ...but it doesnt work in background , when i close my app notification doesnt work ,
    do i need to use GCM or any WebService , or any code for background ?
    how Qt notifications work?

  • @Buleron The Qt Notifier example is only a demo implementation for using native code but does not support much more functionality, like sending or receiving notifications when the app is in the background or closed.

    There are two use cases for notifications:

    1. For local scheduled notifications (best suited for timer apps or apps which should trigger a notification in the near future on their own) you might need to schedule the notifications in your Java code to trigger in the future and also might need a receiver class defined in your AndroidManifest.xml for opening the app after a user clicks a notification.

    2. For remote push notifications (best suited for social apps or any other notifications which should be triggered from outside) you need to implement the GCM service or use any of the available push backends like Parse.

    If you're not familiar with native code functionality you might also have a look at our V-Play plugins, we offer both, a local notifications plugin and a Parse push notification plugin.

  • @alexvplay I have used V-play plugins with QML application and all works good, but i want somehow to have oportunity user to disable receiving notification on his mobile when he install my application, i have try with Parse property:

    enabled : bool

    to be false, but user still received notifications...

    So please can you give advice how i can make receiving of notification on mobile device where my app is installed to be configurable, i.e. user to have option to turn On or Off receiving notifications.

    Thanks in advance