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[Solved]Develop complicated app on mobile by QtQuick2.0

  • Our company tend to use Qt5 to develop complicated scada system, which could run on mobiles(ios, android, maybe would support win phone and blackberry in the future) and desktops(win,linux).

    The applications we want to develop could as complicated as PhotoShop(customer ask for mobile support, but I think tablet is more reasonable)some of the apps need to update/manipulate 5 millions data(string, date, int) in a second(may increase in the future), need good openGL support to draw some graphs.

    May run several apps at the same time(background service). In the good old day, our company use Qt3 and pure C to develop the apps, those apps(run together) can eat more than 100MB.

    According to this post, the memory could be a big problem on mobile, even it is high-end device.

    It is suitable to develop the gui by QtQuick?Or we should start with c++, and try to replace it with QtQuick step by step and test the performance?Anyone try to develop complicated mobile app by QtQuick ?

  • Hi,

    I just release this app

    Not that complex but with Facebook/Google+ SDKs and some C++, it is otherwise pure QtQuick2 app.

    yes, 100Mb is reality and handling restart and restoring the state has to be done but it does work very well on my S3 and older models.

    Comparing to pure iOS development, this is way more fun and does work the same on both iOs and Android.

  • Thanks for your reply, nice to see a real life example which could work on android and ios(do you mind give us the link of ios version?).

    After some experiments, I decided to use the QTableView instead of the QtQuick control, the TableView of QtQuick eat too much memory.

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