QPanGesture on Android

  • Hello,

    I search to zoom and move with a QGraphicsView on Android application.
    The QPinchGesture (with two fingers) work and I can zoom, but I have problem with the QPanGesture (I want to move with one finger).

    QPanGesture seems to have two finger to work, so I can't use it. The event is fired at the end of a QPinchGesture and the scene is not moving correctly.

    I try to use QTouchEvent to move the scene, but the events are also fired when I do a pinch gesture... and I can not make difference between QPinchGesture and a real touchevent to move the scene.

    I can try to implement a new QGestureRecognizer but it's a base fonctionality I'm surprised is not already in Qt.

    Does anyone have a simple way to do this?