Building a subdirs project

  • I have a project which is organzed as follows

    TEMPLATE = subdirs
    app.depends = lib

    TARGET = MyLib
    TEMPLATE = lib
    CONFIG += staticlib
    CONFIG += create_prl # Following

    TARGET = MyApp
    TEMPLATE = app
    CONFIG += link_prl # Following


    If I make a change in the lib source, then I find that if I build the project (by pressing the hammer in QtCreator), then the changes do not actually show up in the program that runs. If I try to build by just pressing Run or Start Debugging, I get the same effect. MyApp is the only build target I can choose from the Computer icon in QtCreator. As a result I actually have to Rebuild (by right clicking on root node in the Project explorer tree), which takes ages every time, however small the change I make.

    How can I get QtCreator to only build the small parts of my project where a change occurs?

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    IIRC, you need to use PRE_TARGETDEPS in your to tell the system to watch for changes in your static library

  • @SGaist said:


    That seems to have done it, thanks!!!

  • I recently resolved a boatload of issues like this in my project, and I found that if you use the wizard to add an internal library, pointing to your dependent library, all of the necessary bookkeeping is done for you. I then took the resulting auto-generated code and created a .pri file. Then instead of using the wizard all the time, I just include the .pri file and all of the paths etc. are taken care of.

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