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QAxObject, how work with IDispatch?

  • I have a dll with Com object, I can instantiate the object and work with it but have a problem with a collection.

    Reading the .generateDocumentation() of QAxObject, see that one method of com dll give me IDispatch pointer:

    IDispatch * val = object->property("Systems").toIDispatch*();
    When work with the same object in Visual Basic,
    the method retrieve a collection of item "System"
    And the class "System" is defined in the DLL.

    In Visual Basic do:
    Dim system As DataSystemFilelib.System
    Set system = obj.systems().items(1)

    I need to load one item of the collection:
    How declare the "System" class in QT
    Also when compile give:
    error: 'class QVariant' has no member named 'toIDispatch'
    So,How can work wit this.

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    Shouldn't it rather be:

    IDispatch * val = object->property("Systems").value<IDispatch*>();


  • Thanks for the reply, Now compile ok,
    the next is how work with the Idispach,
    The property give me a Collection of System class, I need to retrieve Items, work with their,
    also the items have properties with another Collections.
    how i declare the system class?
    Dim system As DataSystemFilelib.System
    Set system = obj.systems().items(1)

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    Are you sure that you should use IDispatch ? What's the original class you want to access ?

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    If an interface returns IDispatch* then you can create a child QAxObject from it using querySubObject.
    So instead of

    IDispatch * val = object->property("Systems").value<IDispatch*>();

    you can do

    QAxObject* val = object->querySubObject("Systems");

    You can then generateDocumentation on that object to see what kind of access it provides (usually something like Item(int index)) to access its contents.

  • Thanks for the reply
    I dont want to work with IDispatch because is treacky complicated.
    Just want to transform one old Visual Basic 6 source to my new qt app.
    The original class is defined in the dll like: DataSystemFilelib.System
    then i do: Dim system
    As DataSystemFilelib.System
    and get the first item:
    Set system = obj.systems().items(1)

    Chris Kawa:
    Your answer is not clear to me,
    In the last code lines your assign twice time the val?
    how be the correct way?
    can provide a sample to retrieve the firt item, or the count items?
    The documentation only provide way to work with numbers or string but dont
    provide sample of how do this.

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    In the last code lines your assign twice time the val?

    What? You should read the text between the code :) I said that you can do the second line instead of the first one. Not both of them.
    QAxObject wraps around IDispatch. As I said, you can call generateDocumentation on the QAxObject to get a documentation of what interface the object provides and code snippets of how to access them.
    I don't know the exact interface of these types so I can only guess, and it probably goes something like this (don't expect to work if you just copy/paste it):

    QAxObject obj("Whatever.the.obj.is.in.your.example");
    QAxObject* systems = ob.querySubObject("Systems");
    int numberOfItems = systems->property("Count").toInt();
    if(numberOfItems > 0)  {
        QAxObject* firstSystem = systems->querySubObject("Item(int)", 1);
        //do something with firstSystem

  • Chris Kawa:
    Thank, Now it work, sorry for the misunderstanding "So instead of:"
    i get in this trouble because i read the generatedDocumentation()
    ´IDispatch * val = object->property("Systems").toIDispatch*();´

    Lack of knowledge and lack of samples.

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