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[SOLVED]Problem while using 'itemFromIndex'.

  • I have a listWidget in my form and I decided using it's
    on_listView_clicked(const QModelIndex &index)

    In the slot implementation I want to get the item clicked each time so since I have the item index I thought about using
    QListWidgetItem * curItm = ui->listView->itemFromIndex(index);

    But I get the error:
    'itemFromIndex' is a protected member of 'QListWidget'

    How can I use this particular function?

  • Since this is a protected method (I do not know why) then what one could do is subclass QListWidget. If that is not a n option maybe an alternative could be using

    QListWidgetItem* curItm = ui->listView->item(index->row());

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    Why not use the currentItemChanged signal ?

  • Hi SGaist,
    Mainly because I have also put checkboxes next to each item. I still want the function to fire up no matter if the user clicks the checkbox or the item.
    That is why I think what I suggest (only in this case) is a better idea.

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