Compiling single vs. submodules

  • Hello. I have a question. A codebase I work on was recently upgraded to Qt5 fom Qt4. For various reasons, we roll our own version of Qt in some instances. Right now, we download the "everywhere" source file and basically compile it like we did under Qt4, with appropriate changes as needed. I've noticed that there are various submodules that can be downloaded. I believe I only need 4-5 of them. Is it possible to just download them and compile them individually, or using a file in qtbase, or something similar? I've tried Google and investigating the source myself. I can't seem to find an appropriate answer. The closest I've come is seeing a post implying that binaries built from qtbase can be used on other submodules.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Indeed, you can start by building only qtbase. Once that done, you can use it to build only the modules you want using the qmake of your freshly built qtbase.

  • @SGaist - Thank you! I'll play around a bit and see what comes up. I may need a little help making sure everything's in the correct directories and such.

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    I'd recommend using out of source builds so you can re-try as many time as you want

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