Qt OpenGL to the linux buffer via a platform plugin

  • I have to implement a custom platform plugin that outputs the display directly the the linux framebuffer. I also need (or I should say, REALLY LIKE) support for Qt Quick, so I need to support OpenGL.

    I have the source code for qtbase open and I am trying to make sense of things. So I have some questions.

    Is there anything in platformsupport that could help render using OpenGL to a RGBA image to output to the framebuffer? eglconvience? Maybe some other classes somewhere I could use that don't depend on any type of platform such as X11/directfb/wayland/etc?

    Is there another platform that I could refer to help me here?

  • Hi!
    I think you should ask this on the developers mailing list as it's not really an issue for 'normal users' and I doubt you'll find suitable support for this kind of questions here. The devs mailing list is where the hardcore people are. Anyways, good luck! :-)

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