Raspberry Pi cross compile problem

  • Hello, sorry for my english, i'm from Poland :)
    I want to cross compile my program from QT Creator with QT 5.4 to my Raspberry Pi. Following this instruction:
    when I run:./init-repository, console return this text:

    + git config commit.template /home/wesoly/opt/qt5/qtxmlpatterns/../.commit-template
    + git config remote.gerrit.url ssh://codereview.qt-project.org/qt/qtxmlpatterns.git
    + git config remote.gerrit.fetch +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/gerrit/* /heads/
    + git submodule update --no-fetch
    fatal: reference is not a tree: 075c0298d1c75dd2d61849b559edcb357d638689
    Unable to checkout '075c0298d1c75dd2d61849b559edcb357d638689' in submodule path 'qt3d'
    git submodule update --no-fetch exited with status 256 at ./init-repository line 221.
            Qt::InitRepository::exe('Qt::InitRepository=HASH(0x723190)', 'git', 'submodule', 'update', '--no-fetch') called at ./init-repository line 399
            Qt::InitRepository::git_clone_all_submodules('Qt::InitRepository=HASH(0x723190)', 'qt/qt5', 0, 'default') called at ./init-repository line 565
            Qt::InitRepository::run('Qt::InitRepository=HASH(0x723190)') called at ./init-repository line 576](link url)

    The nightmare continues for several days :(
    Maybe anyone have better instruction to create cross compile?

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