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Code compiles fine yet is marked as erroneous

  • The bottom line in the following code from the Urho3D Game Engine is marked as erroneous:

    template <class T> class ObjectFactoryImpl : public ObjectFactory
        /// Construct.
        ObjectFactoryImpl(Context* context) :
            type_ = T::GetTypeStatic();
            baseType_ = T::GetBaseTypeStatic();
            typeName_ = T::GetTypeNameStatic();
        /// Create an object of the specific type.
        virtual SharedPtr<Object>(CreateObject()) { return SharedPtr<Object>(new T(context_)); } 

    expected '}' got 'return'
    It compiles just fine though, should this be reported as a bug in QtCreator or magic?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I might be wrong, but the signature of CreateObject is unusual for a function declaration. It should rather be

    virtual SharedPtr<Object> CreateObject() { return SharedPtr<Object>(new T(context_)); }

  • That looks more familiar. Thanks for the clarification.

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