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Despratelyt need help with CODA

  • Hi All
    I have been trying for days and get no where. as all support for Symbian is going down so its hard to find help. but I have great hope here in this forum. I am totally a newbie and have very little knowledge about all this so please excuse me.

    ok I have nokia e7 with Symbian belle os. I am trying to develop a very simple app to give myself a start.

    After long struggle I have managed to Install QT creator 2.4.1. A great guy in here helped me in this. so now Qt creator works fine and I can wqrite little code and it works in stimulation. it alsp show me option to build and run for Symbian device. and when I connect my e7 via usb it connects.

    but when I run it to deploy app on my e7, it gives me msg that its waiting for coda. and then it cancel the process.

    I have searched everywhere on how to install coda but I couldn't find much.

    I will really appritiate if someone help me and tell me the solution.

    how can I resolve this problem and get the app installed on my nokia e7

    Many thanks for help

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