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why setVisibe not work?

  • why setVisibe not work?
    i want to dynamically show or hide a QCombo in a Toolbar.
    but setVisibe(false); not work.
    while setEnabled() do work.

  • QAction * QToolBar::addWidget(QWidget * widget)
    Adds the given widget to the toolbar as the toolbar's last item.

    The toolbar takes ownership of widget.

    If you add a QToolButton with this method, the toolbar's Qt::ToolButtonStyle will not be respected.

    Note: You should use QAction::setVisible() to change the visibility of the widget. Using QWidget::setVisible(), QWidget::show() and QWidget::hide() does not work.

  • but it's a QComboBox in the can i use QAction??

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    Look again at the function signature: you get a QAction as a result of addWidget.

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