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addText on QPainterPath issue

  • Hi,

    I tried drawing a text using QPainterPath then paint it using QPainter, however this is the result:

    The text isn't completely painted, it has missing pixels on it.

    sample image

    What could be the problem here? Am i doing the correct way of painting the text or did i miss a property?
    Btw, the reason why I tried drawing the text using QPainterPath because using the drawText of QPainter the text seems to be blurry or pixelated, which happened only in iOS not in Android. Whereas in drawing the text in QPainterPath, it is showing as it should be.

    And also, if you noticed on the polygons (created using rounded rect then polygon using points) behind the texts, they're painted using QPainter, however they're not sharp and there is a missing pixel on the top left and bottom left corner, which is part of the rounded rect, this only happened in iOS not in android. Did i miss some property or something? Thanks!

  • Is this the picture you have posted ?
    sample image

    You have forgotten the exclamation mark at the start. Since I was not sure of this, I did not adjust it directly in your post.

  • @koahnig yes, it is. Thanks.

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