Timer running on mouseArea.pressed

  • I had the idea of making a button that only if held for some time it would unlock its functionality. If pressed and released immediately nothing would happen.

    I am at the point where I created my button (a cute circular one) that when pressed animates to a scale 1.2 times bigger its original size and the text changes from 'Press and Hold' to 'Hold'.

    I also placed an arc around this button, that will act as a circular loader and will reach 100% at the time the button is finally ready to be released.

    What I am not sure how is done though is having a function with a timer that kicks in as long as the button is pressed and after the required time (lets say 2s) has passed will emit a signal or do whatever else the button is supposed to do.

    Any tips would be welcomed.

  • Hi,

    soon (in Qt 5.5) you'll have this.

    BTW, you should have a timer that

    • is started when the button is pressed
    • is stopped when the button is released
    • expires after the interval

    so you can catch the timeout signal and execute your function

  • Hi mcosta, weird thats exactly what I am making. I had no idea it would be included in 5.5

    The thing is that not only I want my timer to expire after the lets say 2 seconds, but I also want it to update my circular loader in the meantime. And I don't know how to do that.

  • I moved a little bit using the following

    Timer {
            id: elapsedTimer
            interval: 10; running: false; repeat: false
            onTriggered: canvas.timeChanged()
    function timeChanged() {
            canvas.currentValue = canvas.currentValue + 1
            if(canvas.currentValue >= 100) {
                // here I must emit a signal

    Now I will enter inside the if condition at the desired time. But what should I do once I am in there?
    Can I somehow emit a signal so whoever is using the button can attach to it?

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