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If building Qt staticaly on my dev host, is the executable of an application enough to run it on a target device ?

  • Hi,

    I have installed now qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.5 (in static) with the toolchain gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.8-2013.10_linux and the libraries of tslib-1.0 (because i want to use a touch screen).

    If i generate a executable (for example a simple widget with a button and msgbox) with qt creator, is the executable enough to run or must i still copy past the qt folders (and maybe the tslib folder) too on my target board ?

    I am asking because my board only has a hundred Mb of free and the Qt folder is heavier than 400MB if i take out the examples, maybe you would know if i only need some folders and which ones.

    Thank you for your future answers !

  • @wowy said:

    copy past the qt folders

    Why all the folders??
    You have only to copy libraries and plugins needed by your app.

  • @mcosta

    Ok, in the root directly for Qt or in a particular way ?

    After searching in my board it seems that ts is already installed on it so i don't think i will have to worry about it (i hope).

  • Refer to this to understand what and how to deploy

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