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Stored Type Question QStandardItemModel & QStandardItem

  • Hi, I have been trying to use the QStandardItemModel. In this model I have QStandardItem objects. These objects have QStrings and ints as data.

    While iterating through the QStandardItemModel I had trouble with the different data types. I was wondering; is there a dynamic way to find out which type of data is stored in the QStandardItems? Normally I would solve this by implementing the visitor pattern but in this case that would require me to subclass QStandardItem and I'd rather not do that.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean that you can have both stored in different items ? Or both can found in the same item ?

  • @SGaist Thanks for the welcome!

    QStandardItem takes any QVariant as a data. So it doesn't care whether I put QStrings or ints in it.

    I used this to have a collection of QStandardItems with ints in one column and QStrings in another. While iterating through these I need to check them for a certain value. I would like to do this without hardcording the value type for each column as this doesn't make the code flexible. Therefore; I am looking for some way to find out what data type a QVariant currently is.

  • @MaestroMaus Nevermind; found it. Qt has a custom way of downcasting QVariant subclasses. I can just ask the type via a standard method.