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Corrupted qtwebkit plugin?

  • Hi,

    we have encountered on a couple of devices (one C7 and one E7) a problem, where QtWebKit plugin is somehow corrupted. Error message is:

    qrc:/qml/webview.qml:2:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module "QtWebKit": The file 'C:/resource/qt/imports/
    QtWebKit/qmlwebkitplugin.qtplugin' is not a valid Qt plugin.

    Has anyone else seen this? Reinstalling the plugin doesn't help. Is there any installation logs available on a phone that could help, or something else?

    Symbian version is PR1.2 014.002 and qt.sis and qtwebkit.sis are those provided with Qt SDK 1.1RC.


  • Hi Mikko,

    I have not experience this problem, but seems that there is similar discussion in "Forum Nokia":

    Best regards,

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