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Could someone compile a OSX binary?

  • My project is located here on Git Hub:

    I would really like it if someone could compile a binary that will run on OS X. I don't have any money to pay anyone to help me, but you would of course be given credit on the project. I have a windows binary that runs fine, and am told the code compiles on OS X as well. I hope some one can help me with this!

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    Again, I encourage you to put the database somewhere more appropriate but anyway.

    You can get the dmg here

  • You are right SGaist. Could the database go somewhere separate from the .dmg file? I am asking because I have no way of keeping the OSX version of my program up to date with the windows version. That shouldn't be a problem though because I am only updating the SQLite database right now. The program is in a finished state.

    Any ideas?

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    You can copy it in the right place using QStandardPaths then you can tell you user where to overwrite the database or depending on how your distribute it, move it directly to the right folder.

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