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QDnsLookupRunnable not supported on android

  • Hello ,
    I am trying to connect to the xmpp server like this

    ** m_xmppClient.configuration().setAutoAcceptSubscriptions(false);

    and it is working well on desktop platforms but when I try to connect from the android device I get the following error:

    W/Qt ( 6745): kernel\qdnslookup_android.cpp:51 (static void QDnsLookupRunnable::query(int, const QByteArray&, QDnsLookupReply)): static void QDnsLookupRunnable::query(int, const QByteArray&, QDnsLookupReply) Not yet supported on Android **

    In the application output.I am using qt 5.2 for android on windows7 and I am wondering if Dns lookup is working already on qt 5.4.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    From a quick look at the sources, it does seem to be yet

  • Thanks for the reply , I found out the hard way by installing Qt 5.4 and trying it.The problem is still there .Guess I have to find workarounds . The UI looks way better than Qt 5.2 though .Worth the effort :-).

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Well… If you find a workaround then you should consider implementing it ;)

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