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How can I stop Qtcreator from overwriting my AndroidManifest.xml

  • Hi all,

    find ./ -iname "Android*" |grep anife in my project folder gives me

    Even if I modify both AndroidManifest.xml in the same way, these modifications are overwrited during the next build.

    I don't find a create AndroidManifest.xml button in the project tab. I use Qt Creator 3.3.0 (opensource) on linux.



  • @lanigb Open QtCreator >> open your project >> open "Projects" tab ( under "Debug" ) >> Scroll down here ( screenshot link ) and push "Create Template" button. =) Good Luck !

    Now you have your own "Android" folder. Put there everything what you want: Replace activity java files, add new java files, replace any android resources, etc.

  • Thansk a lot. I don't know how many times I saw this "create templates" button and told myself "it can't be this one".
    So stupid!


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