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implement flickable scrolling on a custom opengl item

  • Hey guys,

    I have an opengl component based on QQuickFramebufferObject which I place on a qml window.
    Now I want to implement mouse (or touch) interaction to scroll inside my component. This scrolling should act like a flickable surface.

    Is there a component I could use to animate the deceleration and bouncing?
    Something where I set the content-dimension and with a signal that I just have to connect to my position slot?


  • Hi themts,

    you could place a Flickable ( on top of your scene view and connect the Flickable's properties (contentX, contentY, horizontalVelocity, etc) to your view to control it. You have to set a transparent dummy item with proper geometry as the content item of the Flickable to make this work.

  • hmm, not a very elegant way...
    I'm more interested in a c++ class.

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