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Intel Atom E6xx and WES7 deploying

  • I encounter a problem with deploying an QML APPs on Windows Embedded 7.
    The problem is quite strange because all works ok, until some special effects start. I append some screenshots, with an example app before the first text animation and after that.
    link text Start an app and it works fine ,
    link text Enter the first option and we can see the problem with fonts.
    link text Go back to the main menu, the fonts brakes down and do not display normally any more.

    When we enter last option, and go back all works ok. I assume no special effects is used on last menu choice.

    Example project is compiled under QT5.4 with MSVC2013 32-bit, I assume ANGLE is used.
    I also try to find opengl >2.0 for this platform with no success. DirectX 9.0c is detected and openGL 1.1. I also test MinGW compilation but it does not work.