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QT5.3.1 WTF assert/crash in debug using Inspector

  • When I set a breakpoint in the Inspector in my js code, and it breaks on it, if I move the mouse over a variable, I get an WTF assert/crash when running in debug. I think it has to do with the js function being anonymous (the "this" value is undefined). The variable's value is shown properly in the right hand Scope Variables window.

    However, in Chrome, even though the "this" value is still undefined, the proper value shows up in a pop-over.

    Is this a known bug?

  • No reply to this after 4 months. What's going on with Digia and Qt. very concerning.

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    This is a community driven forum, so there might not be that many users of QtWebKit here, however there's also the bug report system as well as the interest mailing list where you can find Qt's developers/maintainers that can be consulted about that kind of matters

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