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How to logon with my qt-project account?

  • I used to logon to the old qt-project forum with my username and password. I had no record of an email being associated with the forum but I'm sure there must have been. When I tried to long on here at the only option was the "Alternative" button. I sent them every email I have and never received an email with a password reset. I wrote them directly but got no response. Did anyone else have this issue. Are the old accounts migrated over? Is there someway I can resurrect my old "Rolias" username and have them send a password reset to whatever email they have associated with it?

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    Yes you did have one, otherwise you couldn't create an account on the old forum.

    However, @tekojo should be able to sort that with you tomorrow

  • Hi,

    you may find the email associated to your old account that way:

    Edit profile -> Personal settings -> Email settings

    Hope it helps

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