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Qt 5.4.1 Minimal Build for PyQt4 - 32 bit on Mac 10.10???

  • I am trying to compile Qt 5.4.1 for 32-bit on Mac 10.10. I only need 32-bit Qt for PyQt4 for a GUI app I am writing in Python. Currently I only use QtGui and QtCore.

    My ./configure options are as follows:

    ./configure -release -platform macx-clang-32 -opensource -confirm-license

    I deleted the qtwebkit, qtwebengine, qtwebkit-examples and qtwebchannel directories from the src folder before running the configure script, however the install is over 2GB and still takes quite a while using make -j8 on a new Mac Pro (8-core, 64GB RAM).

    How can I speed this up? I bet I still don't need a lot of the libraries, but when deleting more of the larger directories, the make then fails...


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    If you are only using core and gui then just build qtbase.

    You can add

    -nomake tests -nomake examples

    to speed things up

    Hope it helps

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