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I'm looking for a high performance 2D chart-component (qt-quick)

  • Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a 2D line-chart to plot realtime-data from external devices.
    I saw several components from QT:

    1. Qt Data Visualization (
    2. Qt Charts (
    3. QWT (
    4. QuickPlot (

    At first glance Qt Data Visualization seems to be the right choice as it is completely gpu accelerated and has great performance.
    Unfortunately I don't see any 2D examples. Is is possible to plot a 2D chart with Qt Data Visualization at all?

    On the other hand there is qt charts. I could use a qlineseries ( and I have exactly what I'm looking for. But, I don't see any information about performance. I have to plot thousands of lines per second.

    Qwt seems to be very advanced but I don't know if it is hardware-accelerated. Is it possible to use it in a qt-quick application?

    QuickPlot: In my opinion it has a great approach but the project is still very new

    My requirements:

    • high performance
    • display multiple axis (e.g. 4 y-axis, 1 x-axis)
    • display a legend
    • customizable (e.g. scroll back and forward / get values under mouse to display selected values / ...)

    What chart component would you recommend?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The best way to have information for 1 and 2 is to contact the Qt Company directly. These two modules are available to the commercial customers but you can try them with the trial package.

    1. AFAIK, Qwt only provides widgets

    2. I don't know that one

    Hope it helps

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