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Web Server with QML

  • Hi. I am building an application and I want to connect to a login page from a website. I created the login page on QML but I want to connect that page on a website. The application is like the site, I want to build an app for them because I really like it. I made the login page, but how to connect the username and password field to their database? Thank you!

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    Did you check web view component ? Also look at how travian publishes the web service for login.

  • Thank you for your response, I will check now. I have another problem now. I tried to connect to MySQL from qt c++ on ubuntu 14.04 and I have this errors :
    QSqlDatabase: QMYSQL driver not loaded

    QSqlDatabase: available drivers: QSQLITE QMYSQL QMYSQL3 QPSQL QPSQL7

    QSqlQuery::exec: database not open.
    I searched everywhere but I couldn't find the problem. Some help would be really appreciate. Thank you!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The MySQL problem has been discussed many times on this forum. Do you have the MySql client libraries installed on your computer ? If so check the version. It's likely the 18 while the plugins is linked to the version 16. So you'll have to build the plugin yourself from sources (only the plugin not the full Qt)

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