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QtC autocomplete

  • Hi

    is there ability to do this:

    if I'm writing something like :
    @struct my_structt {
    std::string s1;
    double d1;
    int i1;

    and using this somewhere in the code
    my_struct t;
    std::string _s = t. @

    I'm expecting that QtC will show me two fields only after last dot typing - only which ones have a string type,
    however I see all available fields of struct...
    probably there is some option to "hide other type fields from tip"?

    similar question :
    is there ability to highlight the includes which are not more required?
    some shortcut to clean unused stuff up?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    1. AFAIK, no, but you could check with the Qt Creator devs on either the dedicated mailing list or IRC channel
    2. Again, not that I know of, and it would be pretty complicated to implement. If you take e.g. Apple's includes, they are generally covering a set of classes/functionalities so you generally don't use specific includes, how would you automatically cleanup ?

  • As far as I remember, CLion does both points
    Eclipse does second one.
    It doesn't look complicated to check that file contains no one reference to declarations in given header, no?

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