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[solved] webview unload causes crash

  • i'm not sure if this is a bug and needs to be reported or if i am doing something wrong.

    I'm using a WebView in QML and whenever it unloads the whole application crashes

    simplest reproducible at:

    it uses a StackView (but i found the same problem using a loader)
    just run the app under ios or ios-simulator and go 1) forward (to load the webview) and then 2) backward to unload it.

    the error i see is :
    @program received signal -111, thread:9b16d;qaddr:39ddead0;00:04000000;01:b0535016;02:00000000;03:7c986202;04:4b9fd500;05:1c6c5816;06:88000000;07:d4946202;08:40989d37;09:cda32d00;0a:d89f5516;0b:f09e5516;0c:accc1601;0d:cc946202;0e:0f8c6200;0f:e61d0a00;10:30000000;metype:1;mecount:2;medata:1;medata:4;
    ... 5 more of these here...
    hit maximum number of consecutive signals, stopping@

  • bug was a duplicate and it has already been fixed in qt 5.4.1
    i just downloaded 5.4.1 and on testing the problem has indeed been fixed.

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