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A need to collaborate

  • I have my Qt project hosted on GitHub here: http://treatz.github.io/phiction_phreak/

    It is a database program to rapidly develop fiction. I'm looking for people in the community who would like to collaborate on it with me. Right now my goal is to get binary executables made for OSX. I don't have a mac, and the only time I can even get on the internet is at the library. But the code is open GPL, so have at it. I just hope this program will grow like a seed into an amazing flower. Let me know if you even get it to compile, or download the windows binary.


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    If I may, why not use a real database like e.g. sqlite ?

  • Hi Corey,

    I got it to build an run on Mac. There is a method "MyOwnSlot" that is taking a url but never using it so it gives a warning.

    I'm with SGaist here. This would be a great use for a database.

  • Cool, sorry I haven't been able to get back with you guys. My internet conection isn't always working. Usually I get online at the library anyway, and with this weather it is hard.

    I would love to use sqlite, or another database but I don't have the experience with it to make it work. Would someone be able to help me?
    If not, then could I ask you for the binary compiled on a mac?

    Thanks to you both!

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