QProgressDialog doesn't show up

  • I am monitoring progress of the function which emits signals to show progress. The signals are caught in the slots below and I can debug through them, only thing the progress never shows up. In fact it was showing up but it somehow stopped doing that.

    void MainWindow::InitiateProgress(int numFiles)
        QString msg("Creating '%1' files...");
        progress = (QSharedPointer<QProgressDialog>) new QProgressDialog(msg, "Cancel", 0, numFiles, this, Qt::Dialog) ;
        progress->setAutoClose( false );
        progress->setModal( true );
        progress->setAutoReset( false );
        progress->setWindowTitle( APP_NAME );
        QSize size = progress->size();
        size.setWidth( size.width() + 180 );
        progress->resize( size );
    void MainWindow::SetProgress(int filesProcessed)
        progress->setValue( filesProcessed );
    void MainWindow::FinishProgress()
        progress->setLabelText("Finished creating files");

    I did made sure I am calling QApplication::processEvents(); in the function loop so messages are processed in GUI. Also tried putting the caller function into a seperate through via the call (below) but it still not display. The debugger tell me the slots are executed and has correct values as expected.

    QtConcurrent::run( this, &MainWindow::convertFiles, sourceDir.absolutePath(), destDir.absolutePath() ) ;

    [edit: update coding tags SGaist]

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    Are you updating progress directly in your slot ?

    Also note that you are recreating a new dialog each time you call InitiateProgress and not really correctly since you are using a QSharedPointer. If you really want to recreate the progress dialog, call reset on progress

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