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QTreeView::ScrollTo does no scrolling

  • I am loading file system in QTreeView and than want to select a particular folder and make it visible. My code selects the folder and it expands it as well but it doesn't scroll to it so I have to do all the scrolling myself which gets annoying since I have to do it every time. Here is my code.
    @ExplorerDialog::ExplorerDialog(QWidget *parent) :
    ui(new Ui::ProgenyFileDialog),
    dirModel( NULL ),
    selectionModel( NULL )

    dirModel = new FileSystemModelEx;
    ui->treeViewFileSystem->setModel( dirModel);
    QSettings settings;
    QString sourcePath = settings.value(SOURCE_FOLDER, DEFAULT_SOURCE_FOLDER).toString();
    QModelIndex folderIndex = dirModel->index( sourcePath );
    ui->treeViewFileSystem->expand( folderIndex );
    ui->treeViewFileSystem->scrollTo( folderIndex, QAbstractItemView::PositionAtTop );
    ui->treeViewFileSystem->setColumnWidth(0, 200 );
    ui->treeViewFileSystem->setCurrentIndex( folderIndex );
    // set the left/right panes ratio 1:2
    ui->splitter->setSizes( QList<int>() << 100 << 200 );
    selectionModel = ui->treeViewFileSystem->selectionModel();
    connect(selectionModel, SIGNAL( selectionChanged(const QItemSelection&, const QItemSelection &) ),
            this, SLOT(selectionChanged (const QItemSelection & , const QItemSelection & ) ) );

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    You are doing it too early. QFileSystemModel uses a thread to populate its content so you have to connect a slot to the directoryLoaded signals and do your scroll in there.

    Hope it helps

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