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QWidget for mobile development

  • Hi,

    I've been using Qt for desktop development for quite some time now, and I'm going to start my first mobile application (Android/iOS).
    I've looked at the Qt Quick stuff but I'm not willing to go into that, I'm so used to C++/Widgets and my app will need some low-level control/very high perf.
    Do you know any example in the SDK (or elsewhere) of mobile apps that are based on C++/Widgets ?
    So I could look at the source code, see if there some mobile-specific stuff I should be aware of (mainly regarding screen/resolution/layout management).

    Thanks !

  • It's basically the same thing, but as a person which is developing an app for mobile using Qt/C++ I strongly recommend learning to combine QML with C++; QML for GUI and C++ for the rest.

    When it comes to GUI mobile development Qt/QML is far ahead than Qt/C++ from my point of view, with Qt/C++ for GUI you will have to do some frustrating workarounds.

    I myself am looking into Qt Quick so I can rebuild my app's GUI using QML and extending it with C++.

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